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Staten Island  Books

Annals of Staten Island - J.J. CLUTE 1877.
Focuses on people and events with emphasis on the revolutionary war period.

Burial Ridge, Tottenville, Staten Island, NY - Jerome Jacobson 1980.
Archaeology at New York City's largest prehistoric cemetery.

The Church of St. Andrew, Richmond, Staten Island - Charles W. Leng, William T. Davis and Royden W. Vosburgh 1925.
A history of the church's history, vital records and gravestone inscriptions.

The Conference House or Billop House, Staten Island, New York - William T. Davis 1926.
This book contains an accout of the conference, held in this house September 11, 1776, between Admiral Lord Howe and Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and Edward Rutledge.

Days Afield on Staten Island - William T. Davis 1937.
Davis, a naturalist, scientist and artist writes on the nature of Staten Island.

Day Fines in American Courts: The Staten Island and Milwaukee Experiments - Douglas MacDonald, Judith Greene and Charles Worzella 1992.
Day fines were systematically used for the first time in the United States by the Staten Island (NY) Criminal Court.

The Great Bridge - Edward Young 1965.
A history of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge that forever changed the future of the borough.

Haunted History of Staten Island: Stories of Mysterious People and Places in New York's Richmond Country - Lynda L. Macken 2000.
Stories of mysterious people and places including Alice Austen House, Conference House and Snug Harbor Cultural Center.

History of Richmond County - Richard M. Bayles 1887.
Comprehensive history of the county to 1885.

Legends, stories and folklore of Staten Island Part 1: The North Shore - 1925.
Concentrates on the north shore's early settlers and the tales that developed there from the mid-1800s.

Life of William T. Davis - Mabel Abbott 1949.
One of Staten Island's most prominent naturalists, after which P.S.31 is named.

Made on Staten Island - Charles Sachs 1988.
Agriculture, industry and suburban living in the city; a chronicle of past economic activity on Staten Island.

Morris' Memorial History of Staten Island - Ira K. Morris 1900.
Account focusing on the very early years of Staten Island through the mid-1800s.

Richmond Town and Lighthouse Hill - Margaret L. Ferrer 1996.
A pictorial work presenting these historical Staten Island locations.

Sailors' Snug Harbor 1801-1976 - Barnet Shepherd 1979.
Staten Island's most famous landmark, Snug Harbor was America's first home for retired seamen.

Secret Places of Staten Island: A Visitor's Guide to Scenic and Historic Treasures of Staten Island - Bruce Kershner 1998.
Take a tour through Staten Island's nature and history finding its treasures.

Staten Island - Margaret Lundrigan and Tova Novarra 1997.
Explore the Island's historic roots, tour its streets and meet memorable Staten Islanders.

Staten Island 1524-1898 - Rev.Ed. Henry G. Steinmeyer 1987.
Survey of people and events from the island's earliest recorded history.

Staten Island and Its People - Charles W. Leng and Wm. T. Davis 1930.
Photographs, family histories and biographies detailing the history of Staten Island in five volumes.

Staten Island Church Records - Tobias A. Wright 1997.
A reprint from 1909 includes church records, births, baptisms, marriages, deaths and burials.

The Staten Island Ferry - Theodore W. Scull 1982.
This book neatly illustrates the history of the ferries that take commuters and tourists on 20-minute rides between Lower Manhattan and Staten Island in New York Harbor.

Staten Island: Gateway to New York - Dorothy Valentine Smith 1968.
From the revolutionary war through 1969, the story of the development of Staten Island is told with narrative and photographs.

Staten Island in the Twentieth Century - Margaret Lundrigan and Tova Navarra 1998.
A collection of photographs highlight significant events in Staten Island history and everyday life for the past 100 years.

Staten Island Patroons - Theodora DuBois and Dorothy V. Smith 1961.
Learn about the exploration of Staten Island as well as New York State during the 1600's.

Staten Island's Claim to Fame - Vernon Hampton 1925
Thematic exploration of the island's past from its earliest recorded history to modern times.

A Study of a Community: Staten Island Architecture and Environment - George E. Szekely and Dianna Gabay 1980.
From factories to shopping centers; mansion to street design, see how architectural and environmental structure influence the look of Staten Island.

This was Staten Island - Dorothy Valentine Smith 1968.
A collection of photographs depicting people and places around the island from the late 1800s to the early 1900s.

Treasure of Tibetan Art: Collections of the Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art - Barbara Lipton and Nima D. Ragnubs 1995.
Lavishly illustrated, this is a unique catalog of the most important works of the collection, offering a fascinating glimpse into the richness of Tibetan culture.

The Willowbrook Wars - David J. Rothman and Sheila M. Rothman 1984.
This book traces the history of reforms and litigation at the infamous Willowbrook State School in Staten Island, New York from 1972 to 1983.




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